Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Press Photography Open Day at Dummond Street

Calling all Press Photographers!

Calumet is inviting you to an exclusive FREE open day for all Press Photographers on the 13th April.

Come and meet our dedicated imaging experts in addition to the seminar schedule, renowned suppliers such as Lacie, Sandisc, and Lowepro will be on hand to give advice and demonstrate key products. Canon experts will be on hand all day to answer your questions and demonstrate the latest in the EOS range including the 550D, 7D, 5D MKII and the camera receiving all the great reviews, the 1D MKIV. Canon will also have every Pro lens available to touch and try with your choice of body.


# 10.30-11.00 John D McHugh - Afghanistan - The First Multimedia War
# 12.00-12.30 Byron Wijayawardena,Pro-Apps Product Specialist Apple (UK) Limited - Aperture 3
# 2.00-.230 – John D McHugh - Afghanistan - The First Multimedia War
# 3.00-3.30 – Byron Wijayawardena, Pro-Apps Product Specialist Apple (UK) Limited - Final Cut Pro

Speaker Information:

John D McHugh

Afghanistan - The First Multimedia War

John D McHugh has just returned from Afghanistan (again). But this trip was different. McHugh explains “this was the first time that I was using the same camera to shoot my stills, my video, and record all my audio,” the camera, of course, was the EOS 5D Mark II.

“I have often carried more gear, more weight, on patrols than the soldiers I am reporting on,” says McHugh, “because I work in multimedia. I would have a couple of stills cameras around my neck, a video camera in one hand or on my shoulder, and an audio recorder in my other hand, or taped onto my helmet.” McHugh will show a selection of stills, video, and audio slideshows that he produced in February 2010 in Afghanistan, using only the EOS 5D Mark II. He will also talk about the benefits and challenges of using a single camera for all his work, he will share his thoughts on why he believes multimedia offers so many exciting possibilities to all photographers, not just photojournalists.

Byron Wijayawardena, Pro-Apps Product Specialist Apple (UK) Limited

Byron will be giving an Aperture 3 demo to show how photographers can use the new Slideshow tool with pictures and video as a storyboarding tool, or to create simple narratives using high quality imagery and video, all on Canon cameras of course, and Final Cut Studio Demo to show how you can take your projects to the next level.

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