Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Samsung at Calumet

Samsung Digital Cameras

Samsung Electronics is the world's largest consumer electronics company. The company established its headquarters in Seocho Samsung Town in Seoul, South Korea. Samsung Electronics is one member of the Samsung Group. The Samsung Group is South Korea's largest company and the best known of all South Korean brands. Indeed, Samsung now stands as one of the top twenty global brands.

In 1938 Lee Byung-Chul founded Samsung. At this time the business started as a small trading company with forty employees, located in Seoul. Later on in 1969 Samsung Electronics was founded. In the recent years Samsung Electronics invested heavily in research and development. Currently, Samsung Electronics is the global market leader in more than 60 products.

The market for electronic devices, and specially cameras had become a really though field. Newer, slimmer cameras with better resolutions are being introduced almost every day and a compact sized camera with high resolution and performance is nothing special anymore. Samsung Electronics realized that the design is becoming more and more important. While these changes were taking place, Samsung has been preparing to upgrade its market position by concentrating on just one core competence – the design.

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