Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Alamy Seminar, Nottingham, update.

Dear reader, I do hope you'll forgive me for re-posting this article about our Alamy seminar, however I do feel that keen amateur photographers, and professionals should be seriously considering using Alamy to earn an extra income!
Having followed Pete Jenkins' (the Alamy tutor) advice, I have made my first sale on Alamy. A media Company has paid $290 dollars to use one of my quite ordinary images of a church in Ilkeston.
I only have 200 images online with Alamy, and have only been taking it seriously since Pete Jenkins gave his first talk, on Alamy, at Calumet Nottingham. Pete Jenkins is a lifelong career photographer, he has worked for the major newspaper titles, ran his own photo agency, and provided editorial and commercial photography. He is a customer, and friend, of the Nottingham Branch. We are always keen to support our local customer base, and many of our seminars are hosted by local photographic experts - such as Pete.
I hold down a busy job managing Calumet Nottingham, yet I'm glad I found the time to put some images online with Alamy. This will be an excellent extra income, in the longer term, that will help pay for extra camera kit.
I cannot recommend Pete Jenkins' Alamy seminar strongly enough. I will be glad to share my own modest experience, but do get yourself on the seminar on 11TH December, Calumet Nottingham.
Phone 0115 9586888 (Nottingham Branch) or 08706 03 03 03 (Direct Sales) and quote ZSMNOT0046 and book before the end of November to receive the early booking price of £30 for the Alamy seminar (normally £45).
Jason Batterham
Branch Manager: Calumet Nottingham

Calumet Nottingham is very pleased to welcome Pete Jenkins back to do his ever popular 'Alamy 1 Seminar'

Pete will talk you through the process of getting past Alamy's strict quality control process, and from that point you can start uploading your images to throw open for anyone in the world to buy !

Stock photography should really form part of virtually every professional photographers' strategy. At the same time, there are many enthusiast photographers who earn decent money on the side through selling online through stock portals such as Alamy.

Friday 11th December, 2-4.30PM at the Nottingham Branch - 2 Nelson Street, Nottingham, NG1 1DR

Seminar standard price:£45 Inc VAT
Student price: £40
Early booking price (available to all, before 27TH Nov): £30 !

Please contact the Nottingham Branch to book on 0115 9586888 or group emailnot@calumetphoto.co.uk

We do urge you to book early, and take advantage of the
discount for doing so!


Pete Jenkins said...

Great news that Jason has managed a commendable sale. I shall be taking note of how well he is doing and will help tweak him up to many sales like this every month - I am sure it won't take long.

One needs to work with Alamy, it is not a free lunch, but providing one puts in a little bit of effort the rewards are definitely there to be had.

The Alamy online system allows easy additions to be made to your Alamy collection, and because so many potential clients can see your work, you have the potential of making sales all over the world, to any of millions of potential publishers and other clients.

And I can help you do this...

Pete J

Pete Jenkins said...

Just as I was writing that comment I see that I have made another sale myself with Alamy this morning - the Nottingham tram again.

Every editorial photographer should be utilising the Alamy system to make sales. In this current recession it would seem a crime to your bank balance not to be... :-)

Pete J

Jason said...

Thanks Pete,

and I hope people come to the seminar so that they can start working towards a potentially lucrative income from Stock, and Alamy in particular.

Jason B.

Dave B said...

I went on Pete's seminar in Calumet Liverpool (where I work) and have now got 55 images on Alamy and had 1 sale from them. Before attending the seminar I had 5 landscape images on Alamy but kinda forgot all about them, they where not even keyworded. Pete's seminar pointed me in the right direction with regards to keywording and what images to shoot. Now I need to get out more and keep putting images up.


Pete Jenkins said...

I have just come back to Nottingham after another Alamy Seminar in London - Alamy II.

Great afternoon - lots of interaction and some very good questions.

It is great tio see so many people getting revitalised after these seminars and going onto start getting sales.

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